Friday, January 14, 2011

Ever Tried Vegan Food?

A good friend of mine, Lauren, has been vegan since she was 13. It is something she is very passionate about, but for me, I prefer vegan options because I enjoy the taste and it is for the most part much healthier. While visiting her in Los Angeles, we went out to one of our favorite vegan joints... Native Foods ( so delish and light!
Afterward, we indulged in vegan cake from Green Peas (

I had the carrot cake... YUM!
Lauren had the red velvet...INCREDIBLE!

Have a vegan friend, it makes you much more aware. I could never be vegan... I LOVE cheese too much (yes there is Vegan Cheese, but c'mon I'm from Wisconsin!)

Did you know some microwave popcorn says 'fish' in the ingredients.. what?
or Orbit Gum has milk in it?

Try making your recipes vegan and cut down on calories and fat!

Favorite Vegan Restaurants in Los Angeles:
Native Foods
Green Peas
The Vegan Joint
Veggie Grill
Leaf Organics
Pure Luck
and don't forget Whole Foods!

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